Manifest equity.
Repair harm.

Transform your workplace.

Take DEI beyond HR and actualize justice throughout your organization.

Empower yourself with the tools and strategies to center justice and create equity that endures. Learn how to correct harms in systems that have been, until now, impenetrable. 

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Racial Justice at Work: Practical Solutions for Systemic Change is available now wherever books are sold!

What Readers Are Saying

“Leveraging years of experience and measurable effectiveness, Mary-Frances Winters and her team have given us an excellent and accessible guide for integrating racial justice in the workplace. This step-by-step manual needs to be in every organization's hands.”
—Robin DiAngelo, PhD, Author of White Fragility: Why It's so Hard for White People to Talk About Racism
“Clear, concise and compelling, Mary-Frances Winters and her team have written the book every company needs. In explicit and easy-to-follow language, they lay out a road map for companies and senior level executives for achieving racial justice in the workplace.”
—Areva Martin, Esq., Award-Winning Civil Rights Attorney and USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
“This highly illuminating book deserves to be read, and reread, by every executive who has even an inkling of curiosity regarding how they can foster a more just workplace. Kudos to Mary-Frances Winters and her colleagues for sharing so much of their wisdom in one place."
—Jeremy Boal, MD, Chief Clinical Officer, Mount Sinai Health System, and President, Mount Sinai Beth Israel and Downtown

Meet the Authors

The Winters Group team of change management experts is comprised of scholars, sociologists, interculturalists, engineers, writers, and activists with global experience in dozens of industries and they embody research-grounded, field-tested approaches to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice that is steeped in lived experience. For nearly 40 years, The Winters Group has been proudly Black-owned and woman led by founder and CEO Mary-Frances Winters. Learn more about The Winters Group and our work here.

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